How long until we’re one color?

Linda Brineks
New Albany, OH

I grew up in a household where dating someone of another race was not condoned. I disagreed with my parents on that principle. I belong to a church now (evangelical Christian) where one of our goals is to be racially integrated. We have a lot of mixed race couples. I love it! I wonder what the eventual skin tone of the world will be??

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7 Responses to "How long until we’re one color?"
  1. Amber A. says:

    My parents never really cared about race but I live in a small town and there are a lot of other people who care about race far too much.
    I work in a convenience store in this same small town. About a year ago, a woman came in to buy a local newspaper. She said “Yeah, I’m just buying a paper so that I can have the announcement of my grandbaby’s birth.” I smiled and congratulated her then she sighed heavily and said “My daughter had the baby with a black man too. Although, I guess if he treats her well that it doesn’t matter.” I could tell by her tone that she was lying. She stood there a minute and said “It doesn’t matter, does it?” and gave me a pointed look. I smiled and said “Well, I’m not going to say anything bad about it. My boyfriend is white, Spanish, and African American.” The woman turned red and hurried out of the store. Now when she comes in, she won’t look me in the eye and doesn’t stay around longer than she needs to.

  2. Knpoux7 says:

    I appreciate this so much, even in this time individuals state they are color blind, though when it comes to letting another color leaf into their family tree one learns they are not necessarily so open.

  3. Emakela says:

    We will never all have the same skin tone. Our skin tone is caused by where we and our ancestors lived in relation to the sun. Those that live or lived closer to the equator have darker skin then those that live or lived further away from the equator. The word “race” should not be used in reference to people. A race is something you run. It has nothing to do with someone’s culture or nationality. My skin tone is white but I do not think of myself as being “white”. My ancestors came from Finland, Poland and Ireland. My father was pure Finn so I consider myself to be Finnish.

  4. Bobzearl says:

    Yes! when will all people be of one race? It has been my desire since 1962 when it occurred to me that would be the only way racism would die. 

  5. Xoxojah09oxox says:


  6. xdiemaker says:

    Pretty soon we should all be homogenized ! ! !

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