How to protect my black son?

41496_100000657735231_6635_nMichael Bolton ,
Scottsdale, AZ.

Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan

Dad Caucasian. lived life in black neighborhood mostly. studied black history–college+leisure. love black culture esp music, classic jazz. slave narratives. am black myself but cannot pass as such. other dad, my partner, black, died. am now single dad, not planned. bringing up son in white priviledged neighborhood. not me, not him, we’re poor, but we’re here. avoiding ‘young black males’=main cause of death for ‘young black males’. life so cheap for ‘young black males’. not *my* son. i miss diversity.

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  1. Jason Dunmore says:

    I think the best way to protect your son is to inform and trust. Give him the knowledge you want him to have and trust that he’ll use it at the appropriate times.

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