I am human, stop labeling me.

IMG_1463Amarah Reed,
Bowling Green, KY.

I hate the term when someone uses me as mixed, or they say I act a certain race. I am a human being, I shouldn’t have a label because I act a certain way.

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One Response to "I am human, stop labeling me."
  1. barry irving says:

    …labels, are a product of an ambivalent and curious society towards Race. Yes you are human, but so is everyone. people wonder what mix you are…it can’t ALL be racist…why not engage them and put the question down foe sure…pride in one’s self is a good thing if it is based in humanity. mixed Race is official because Americans are pretty much all Mixed to one extent or anohter.To let that plague you doesn’t make sense…if you are part of the human race. Educate them or ignore their curiosity. How you handle that will decide how much stress you have on this issue!

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