IMG_1168Nik Parttridge,

I am classified as White/Caucasian because of how I look. This does NOT mean that I am the same people who enslaved your ancestors, or made them go on the Trail of Tears, or genocide them because of their religion! My mother’s side is Finnish, and my father’s side is Cherokee and Choctaw. FINNISH PEOPLE WERE SLAVES TOO! We are NOT just colors like Black, White, Tan, Red, or Yellow! We are all people, and we all have different backgrounds. Don’t hate people because of their background, they didn’t get to choose it!

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8 Responses to "We are HUMANS, NOT COLORS"
  1. Jasmine says:

    White people owned slaves. Please open your eyes. That’s how it was. You carry the blood of your ancestors, although you yourself haven’t slaved anyone. Please open your eyes and see how the world is made for you. How poc want to look white because some think that’s pretty.

    • billwtwomey says:

      Muslims sold many whites into slavery in Africa when they pirated ships, also many Irish were slaves although it was called indentured servitude.
      We only hear of black slavery, just like we only hear of the Jewish holocaust , we do not hear of the Armenian holocaust , or when the British starved 1.5 million Irish to death. We don’t hear of the almost 20 million Polish and Ukrainian Catholics Stalin killed.

    • harued says:

      The issue is that he is labeled by what his ancestors did just because he is white.

  2. Suraska says:

    The uncomfortable truth of the world that is swept under the rug in the United States is that slavery is amongst the world’s oldest professions along with prostitution and thievery. All races and nations have experienced slavery at one time or another and more often than not peoples enslaved others on the same continent as they themselves are native to,especially before sea travel and international travel became widespread.

    • Ernestine Johnson says:

      but slavery didnt take your soul like it did american black people we as black people cant connect to people like us an our ancestors we speak a language that was forced on us an the treatment was terrible my grand mother told she had to walk miles to wash a white ladies clothes an iron them an she had 13 children she had to bring along plus straw she had to make beds for them on the dirt floor of a bar an she said that white lady would give her sometime25 cents or some corn or old clothes she would say yes sir an yes mama to white people that was younger than her they humiliated my ancestor an me to thats some of why i say the white people stole our souls

    • Jeremiah Troutman says:

      I agree with both of you and it’s why I am a egalitarian I hate and love everyone equally.

  3. Nicole Evans says:

    Equality is a priority for some, but not all. Hopefully we can all one day live in a society where race doesn’t determine how someone should live. We are all people with value, not just determined by color.

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