I am not WHITE…

not whiteRyan Lewandowski,
Tustin, CA.

I may look white, but I am 1/4 Lebanese (Middle Eastern) and 3/4th European (Irish, Polish, and Finnish)… So I don’t eat traditional American foods and I don’t feel entitled because I look white… I am a third generation immigrant! CBU-HIS311

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  • JBo

    but in our society, you would still be considered white.

  • Janayn ‘Melis’ Evans

    I don’t identify as being black, but that’s the way I am treated by strangers, shop keepers, and everyone else that doesn’t know me. It doesn’t matter what we think individually, society puts people into a box. It’s messed up, but true.

  • Noah Moran

    Europeans are the definition of white, bro.


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