I am proud to be white


I have seen the term “white privilege” used a lot recently as though it were an actual epidemic. What infuriates me about this term is that it is NOT relevant in the year 2017. Black people have more opportunities GIVEN to them than white people when it comes to education and the workforce, and this is fact. I am not stating this lightly, either. There are actual laws and policies in place that give the black community opportunities over white people based solely on being black. To say that the white community is still blocking the path to a black persons’ success in THIS day and age, is an uneducated response. The only person stopping anyone from their own success is themselves. To continue to blame an entire race for your shortcomings is comparable to Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany’s downfall in WW1. It’s ludicrous.

I live in a black community. I am one of 4 white people in my workforce and the ONLY white person in my apartment complex. I am CONSTANTLY picked on by black people using the term “little white girl”. Black people roll their eyes at me, ignore me, are blatantly RUDE to me – but the black person beside me is treated with actual respect, even though we could be saying/acting the exact same – I’ve been yelled at for being “white girl driving in the wrong place”, I’ve walked by a group of black men talking about raping white women LOUD AND PROUD, I’ve had my car hit with a TREE BRANCH, my window shattered out, dog feces left on my doorstep.. ALL BECAUSE I AM WHITE. I literally don’t talk to anyone. I am a hermit. There is no explanation for what I encounter on a DAILY basis other than my skin color.

I have NEVER referred to a black woman as a “little black girl” openly and often. I have NEVER disrespected ANYONE by rolling my eyes, ignoring them or acted blatantly RUDE for no reason. I have NEVER yelled at a black person racially charged words of any sort. I have NEVER told a black person they were on the wrong side of town. I have NEVER talked about raping black women loudly as one walked by. I have NEVER disrespected a black persons’ property with any foreign object, or… ever.

So, I would like to send out a PSA to all the high and mighty black people that continue to bash MY RACE for racism…


I sure as hell don’t. I have encountered more racist black people in my life than I have EVER experienced from a white person. FACTS MATTER.

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