I can count my brown friends.

Liz Hohl
Oakland, CA

Race is so intrinsically linked and correlated to wealth, education, and power. I frequently consider my surroundings and realize how few daily interactions I have with people who are not white. My job, my community, my wealth accentuate disparities and separations that fall along lines of ethnicity and skin color. In my natural, day to day, environment I do not, without intentionally seeking, meet many people of a different race.

I’ve been afforded many opportunities through my life; but yearn for a time when my friends group isn’t monochromatic. For, with diversity of skin color comes diversity of experiences, lifestyle, and culture.

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  • Barb Jessen

    I agree with your observation that cultural and race diversity adds a richness to life experiences, makes one step our side their own experience. I am finding age contacts also adds a diverse factor. Good luck in your pursuit of that polychromatic group of daily associations.


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