I am a conservative, not racist!

Dustin Weiss
West Chester, OH

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54 Responses to "I am a conservative, not racist!"
  1. Jerome Tidewater says:

    Kick the hell out of the crackers.  The blacks rule!  

    • Big Jon says:

      Give her the benefit of it.  There are conservatives of all races and wanting the country to conserve does not mean racism.

    • nehpets123154 says:

      You are really stupid.

    • Benny Falcon says:

      Sounds as though Jerome is an angry racist !  I guess none of us will ever learn !  Then does Mr. Tidewater know what a “Cracker” is and why the name was given. Then Mr. Tidewater who was the first legal slave owner in the United States of America. You guessed it ! It was not a white guy, was he a “Craker” ?

    • JimV says:

      Without ‘crackers’, no welfare.  Watch what you wish for.

  2. Jerome Tidewater says:

    Down with whitey! 

    • nehpets123154 says:

      Are you stupid or just pretending to be, this is not the forum for nonsense

      • Cduck930 says:

        Jerome Tidewater is just an idiot who is trolling the site. I have read his other ridiculous posts (one where he even pretends to be a black woman proclaiming her pride in taking advantage of the welfare system). A system administrator needs to delete his nonsensical comments. Just a loser trying to amuse himself. 

  3. Jerome Tidewater says:

    Go Home honkey! 

    • nehpets123154 says:

      Grow up,stop the racist rants

      • American_Race says:

         Actually, allowing racist rants is what this project is about.  I think it’s time to stop playing “nice, nice” or pretending to feel “nice, nice” and to have some honest conversations about race.  How are we ever to resolve deep racial conflict if we can’t be honest about how we feel about race?

    • eyes4all says:

      Will pray for you Jerome, something deep in your heart making you this angry at a color. Colors are innocent. The red car has a flat just like the yellow cab, same tires though! I pray that God will give you  a heart to love the deep purple shirt or the faded gray one, their colors won’t keep you warm, only what they are made of will!

      • Frances Perkins says:

        Don’t waste your breath.  He’s a troll, like CDuck says below.  I tried to answer CDuck  but the post button wasn’t working, so I’ll just answer you both here if I may:
        Aha!  So I’m not the only suspecting person here!  On one website we caught certain individuals with up to 10 different ID’s apiece.  They’d sit and chatter up a storm with themselves, trying to sound like a crowd.  We proved it by backtracking the computer location.  Well, our techies did anyway.  I couldn’t backtrack anything, but all multiple-personality trolls behave the same and are relatively easy to spot.
        Now that I’ve (hopefully) managed to post the comment here, the buggy programming will probably embarrass me yet again by showing it double as soon as I shut up and go away.  Let’s try it and see…

    • American_Race says:

      Jerome, I’m fairly certain that “honkey” is slang for Hungarian.  While I admit to being Heinz 57, I have yet to encounter Hungarian in my background. 

    • Frances Perkins says:

      Goodness, Jerome!  It’s been years since I heard that term.  Can’t you come up with something fresher?  It makes me seriously wonder if you might be one of Karl Rove’s white boy plants from Stir The Pot U.  Most black folks I know are a lot cooler than that.  Maybe you and Validemail should duke it out in public some day.  Be sure to save me a ringside seat, though.  I can always use the laughs.

    • Charlie J says:

      Jerome, The Race Card Project is a forum to open our eyes to the similarities and differences that we all posses, it is not a place to come call names and harass people.  What do you gain by being so negative? Why are you so angry? What has “honkey” done to you to make you so upset at honkey?  So from here on out please post comments that are revelant to the subject matter. 

  4. Big Jon says:

    What do real conservatives want?  I’m a conservative Christian and I realize we all have freedom to do everything lawful even if we don’t agree.

  5. Rolandon1435 says:

    with GOD, race is NOT jmportant.

    • Validemail says:

       100% completely WRONG, dude.  With God, Race is EVERYTHING.  Read the Bible and learn what the hell you are talking about.  The Bible is ALL about the Adamic Race – God’s Children.  You’re either a JEW, or full of the Jew poison they have been spreading for centuries.

      • Frances Perkins says:

        Jesus, the original socialist, was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, died as a Jew, and remains a Jew to this very day.  What makes you think you’ll gain approval for hating His people?

        • Validemail says:

           Frances, if you’ll read Arthur Koestler’s excellent book, “The Thirteenth Tribe” or any number of well-researched, scholarly books, you will understand that “Jesus” was not a Jew, he was a Nazarene from the Tribe of David, of the House of Judah.  He was never a “Jew.”  Nor was He a Socialist.  He railed against “those who call themselves Jews, but are not, and are liars.”  The Pharisees and others living in Judah at the time were not true Judeans, or from the Tribe of Judah, they were Edomites, falsely claiming to be Jews, as the fake Jews of today do.  You have been lied to, my friend, and you have bought into the lie.  Read and study and show yourself approved.

      • ownup2it says:

        Your anger is fascinating, and your brand of racism is the worst kind.  Fear.  Probably why you hide behind the bible.  If only you could experience the world through humanistic eyes.  You would see there is an abundance of greatness and giving from people of all cultures.  You seem to come from a place of narcissism and judgement, and your own screaming is drowning out any other voice.

  6. Rolandon1435 says:

    without our skin (deep), we ALL look alike.

  7. Rolandon1435 says:

    dna-wise, and bood-wise we are, like it or not, biologically intergrated !!!!

    • Frances Perkins says:

      I forget the details, but science occasionally reminds us that skin color differences only reflect something like 4% of our DNA.  Hardly something for people to go to war over the way they do.  But then I’ve always thought humanity basically insane to begin with.

  8. jemperly says:

    I have read a couple of Jerome’s comments on other post’s.  He is just trying to stir the pot.  Ignore him.

  9. RSTagert says:

    I embrace the possibility that there is life on other planets. One should conduct their life as if one is being watched and judged by those who could be waiting for all of us to be better people. I joined the human race with hope in my heart – please help me stay proud.

  10. Dan Henry says:

    Good for you, Dustin.   It might feel unfair to you that being part of the conservative movement is evidence for some that you may be racist.  But I ask you:  what you are doing to rid the right of its deeply racist approach to politics?

    • Color-me-JC says:

      What are you talking about?  I need specifics, I  am Conservative and hate racism. Name one statement  by RL that is racist because I have no idea.

      • Color-me-JC says:

        See you are talking just to be talking, waited 10 minutes and you have no reply. Rush gets on my nerves sometimes, but he is not racist and you have no reply because you know I’m right. 

        My conclusion is : You are putting all conservatives in a racist light with no evidence , just your judgement.  Why?  I have acquaintances on Right and Left ,  politically speaking,  make no mistake speaking of acquaintances here, and  a few of those wonderful democratic humans would not let a black man or woman mow their lawn much less date their kids or have dinner out somewhere. These same people would camp in Washington DC in rain and snow to rally for equal rights but upon arrival back at home they sliver back into their fake prejudice lives. I had to learn the hard way about these so-called “freedom fighters”.  The people that I know and do socialize with that are conservative are truly NON-racist, and I am not racist. What part of Republican states racist?  I seriously want to know. 

        • Dan Henry says:

          I’ve been out of the home for 8 hours and am just checking back in. The soup kitchen went well, then enjoyed the Life of Pi movie. I come back to an ignorant buffoon making conclusions about me because I’m not sitting here waiting for his comments.

          And where did I even mention Rush Limbaugh?

          Color-me-JC — you are a buffoon.

    • Validemail says:

       Dan Henry…with a name like that, you are an embarrassment to the White race and to all civilized people speaking such horseshit.  Let me ask YOU, Dan Henry, what are YOU doing to rid your BRAIN of its deeply-ignorant approach to life???

      • Frances Perkins says:

        Watch out, everybody.  This one sounds like he might’ve already gone postal.  

        • Validemail says:

           Frances, up a little late, aren’t you?  Why don’t you go have a nice cup of tea, take your medications and try and get some rest before you have to get up and go pee pee.  Nighty night, Franny!!

    • Rorn says:

      And equally, Dan Henry, what are you doing to rid the LEFT of its deeply racist approach to politics?  Because it’s there.  Example:  see post above.

      • Dan Henry says:

        All of us have some racism in some form.  The Dems are trying to deal with it.  The GOP is trying to use it.  But Rorn is one angry, confused individual, isn’t he or she?

  11. Chris says:

    Conservatism and racism are mutually exclusive.  You can be both or as stated, just conservative.  Comments that demoralize an entire group of people are not conservative, they are racist.  Comments that oppose the dynamics of an economic plan and discuss how the people purposed to benefit from the proposed plan will not benefit.. is not racist.. discussing the plan or policy and the pros and cons to Americans is awesome.. comments meant to dig or hurt the beneficiaries of a policy are UNAMERICAN.

  12. Kat says:

    ……..then denounce fellow racists like rush limbaugh and fox news……..if any conservative  ever stands up to racism…….then wow that would be amazing!

    • Validemail says:

       Kat, not sure who you are, but you’re illiterate.  You don’t even know what racism is.  Go play with your X-box and don’t speak until you’re spoken to.

      • Frances Perkins says:

        What a sicko you are.  It must really rankle to see most of the rest of the world loving our Rainbow President while you weep and gnash your teeth like Gollum.  From what I’ve seen of your rabid comments elsewhere, you’re the most warped person I’ve come across in a long time; and I retired in RedNeckLand, so I see and hear a lot.  Nobody should listen to you or put any confidence in your words, because it’s all so sick.

        • Validemail says:

           No, Frances,  my dear friend, it doesn’t “rankle” me at all, unlike yourself.  I do find it sad, however, that so many of my fellow Americans have had the wool pulled over their eyes by a fraud who is SO transparently a “flim flam” man that it stuns me to think people like you have become so blindingly ignorant that you actually think he CARES about you, or ANYONE but himself.  The funny part is how rabid you are in your errant beliefs, how easily riled that your “Lord and Saviour” would actually be seen for the fool and liar he is by someone with a brain and discernment.  You are the perfect douche and just who Obama depends on to move “Forward!” with his Socialist/Communist takeover of the once great United States.  You are nothing but a Jew sock-puppet.  Retired, are you?  No wonder.  Your income depends on receiving “cost of living” increases and medicine from the government that you could never pay for, so you vote for those who will STEAL IT from the producers and give it to the moochers like yourself.  Enjoy Obamacare, you old coot.  When you get sick, Obama will let you die.

      • Chednut says:

        WHEN I saw your response to another post, I gave you the benefit of the doubt thinnking that you at least had the intellectual curiosity to be on this site and in that thread. It is a sad and unfortunate individual who has so little self-respect that they must denegrate others to feel whole. Check the “Man in the Morror”.

      • B3theory1 says:

        Denouncing conservatives who use race and class to divide and conquer doesn’t make one illiterate. You aren’t illiterate but clearly clueless as to your role in this reality play. You are sheep that’s easily led by those who call the real shots–the wealthy. You have never had an original thought in your life. True enough, being a conservative doesn’t make you a racist but the bigoted element is there and it needs to be exposed and trounced out of your conservative movement.

    • Rorn says:

      I guess General Colin Powell and Justice Clarence Thomas don’t count on your list, because they encountered LOTS of racism and had to stand up to it — from LIBERALS telling them they were “too white.”  Just because someone does well, they’re traitors to their race?  Huh???  I’m pretty sure you never paid attention to Rush Limbaugh or Fox News, but neither do I.  Nonetheless, if you find a quote from one of them that is clearly racist, please submit it here so there can be a valid dialogue about the statement instead of gross overgeneralization.

    • Frances Perkins says:

      Don’t hold your breath waiting, Kat.  They’d need too many body parts replaced first like a heart and a backbone.  Ain’t gonna happen.  But then you knew that, didn’t you?

  13. Goldmund says:

    Valedmail, the bible was written by men. More learned but not as pompous as you. Are you a women?

  14. Rorn says:

    “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, there is neither slave nor free,
    there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” — Galatians 3:28

    • JimV says:

      I’d get claustrophobic. I’d rather be in San Diego.

    • Dan Henry says:

      Well that’s a load of nonsense.  Obviously there are slaves and nonslaves, womena and men, Jews and Gentiles.  What the hell does it mean to be “one in Christ Jesus?”  What an ignorant thing to say.

  15. Frances Perkins says:

    Folks, the main reason I hung around so long yesterday, offering myself as a willing target for the likes of validemail, was to LET HIM OUT HIMSELF fully for the ranting jealous sicko he is.  Now I imagine that most of you are as tired of him as I am, so as of today I’ll resume my regular life and practice what I preach.  Don’t waste your time listening to him.  He’s an attention hog of the worst kind, either insane or a little boy (yes, I mean THAT kind), and if anyone pays the least attention to him/her/it, you’ll only fuel his hysteria.  There is no earthly help for a child like that, who’s clearly played with himself far too long.
    But someday I’ll return to enjoy spending more time with the rest of you.  To a large degree you’ve made it a pleasure, and I thank you for that.  Please don’t give up on trying to promote honest communication; my thanks also to Michelle Norris for this wonderful project.

    See you soon, I hope. 

  16. Bianca Smith says:

    Dustin, its okay to be a conservative. My father, A POOR BLACK MAN is a conservative. Is he a racist, no. I think what matters in the ‘race’ topic, is why conservative policies impact minorities negatively and restrict us. Not all policies but some. Like voter registration for example.

  17. The Truth says:

    All you conservative Christians are Anti Christ according to the bible, you harp about Israel and the Jews which came from Nazi Germany read your bible Genesis 32:28 about Israel and Revelations 2:9 about the so call Jews of today, and what is going on today you can’t stop, and u will know the truth, most of you cons have a reprobated mines because u believe your own lies and try to justify them

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