I didn’t ask to be white!

Molly Hilton
Troy, MI

If skin color is the simply the product of birth, then why do I inherit the guilt associated with being white? I moved to Detroit at the age of 42. This is the most segregated region in the country. Why? Why are white people so hated here? I try to be friendly and chat like I would have in my west Michigan hometown, but I have learned “mixing” is inappropriate here.

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6 Responses to "I didn’t ask to be white!"
  1. JimV says:

    Guilt? Why? I spent a year in Detroit one night – what a dump – and it’s its denizens who made it so. The guilt should rest with the subhuman crap that make Detroit and other cities they cesspools they are.

    • B3theory1 says:

      Cesspool, huh? I am one of the subhuman denizens of Detroit, idiot! I don’t care how many times I get insulted because I still live here, but enough is enough! I stay because I refuse to let my town die! I received my education here. I went to college here. I raised two wonderful daughters here: one is getting married and the other is heading to Michigan State next fall. I work here. I will not stand and allow some individual heap more crap upon my city. It’s in trouble, WE ALL KNOW THAT!! But some of us won’t stop fighting until we resurrect our Detroit. Find a hole and crawl back into it!!!!!

  2. P I says:

    The concept of original sin really. While you shouldn’t have to suffer for the sins of your fathers, you do. Probably a mix of both American and personal history have caused this. A lack of interaction has caused prejudiced views of the “other” to form. In everybody? No. But it is there. It is what “your people” have done to “their people”.

  3. Rita says:

    We did not ask but benefit.

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