I don’t belong anywhere but here.

Elena Zamarripa-Gray

Where are you from? Everywhere and nowhere. My Mexican, basque, Japanese father and Scottish, Canadian mother made me tall, beautiful, and brown. Put me in any ethnic outfit and I fit in, put me on any city street and I blend in. In my tiny California town I was raised with no religion but the earth, and had no particular community who told me who to be.

Where are you from? Where am I from? I am from the earth and my mother. Why are you that color? Because the sun has warmed my skin and my soul. But you don’t LOOK Asian, you don’t SOUND Mexican, you don’t ACT white.

I am everyone and I am no one. I am both infinitely free, and infinitely lonely.

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One Response to "I don’t belong anywhere but here."
  1. Luna Saito says:

    I wonder how long ago you wrote this. I’m not fond of site that have postings without dates. I’m also from California. On my mother’s side – Mexican, Native Yaqui, Japanese, on my father’s side – Irish/Mexican (those ginger Irish that immigrated to Mexico and refuse to be called Irish) and Athabaskan. I’m not dark like my mother, and I speak English with a Californian accent.

    I just sometimes wish that I stand in one place for 5 seconds in a swarm of people that look similar to me. But, that’s only happened once. At a hapa/hafu festival, I found that mixed people congregating was really fun, and we all felt like distant family.

    I hope one day you don’t feel so lonely. Maybe there should be another Hapa festival soon.

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