I hate thugs of ANY race.

Brad Lapinski
Birmingham, AL

Black, white, brown, orange, purple – get an education, get a job, even if you feel it’s beneath you and contribute to society.

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One Response to "I hate thugs of ANY race."
  1. Eleanor says:

    Yes, but society doesn’t see it that way- there are more whites in this country than blacks, yet there are a disproportionate amount of blacks in prison in comparison with whites. Cops hate black thugs more than white ones. There are harsher penalties for use and possession of drugs that are generally used by blacks than for drugs generally used by whites. Lawmakers hate black thugs more than white thugs. White ex-convicts are more likely to get jobs than blacks with clean records (when all other qualifications are the same). Employers hate just plain ole blacks more than white thugs.

    For more details and specifics, read The New Jim Crow, or Native Son.

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