I have no culture I’m white

race-cardErin Miller,
New Berlin, WI.

No one has ever asked what country I’m from. It’s assumed I belong in the United States. Although I have various European countries in my background, Germany, Sweden, Norway, I have never had to be aware of them anymore than I have had to be aware of the air I breathe. Or the water I drink. I have the option to leave an empty space, because many will accept my six words.Come to think of it, I don’t even have to say them. Perhaps I should have more to say…

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6 Responses to "I have no culture I’m white"
  1. BlkQueen says:

    Its not about “just being white”. Its about what your race has done historically and continue to do and thats oppress all people of color therefore we look at all YA like ya the same s**t. get it?

    • Dara Nicole Boyd-Galleguillos says:

      But why is that her burden? She did not oppress anyone. It is 2015, if we are going to unite as one people, we need to forgive. My grandmother is a Holocaust survivor, I do not blame the Germans of today what happened then. Most of them are dead and their descendants had nothing to do with it.

  2. Me's be's racis' says:

    You have a culture. Spend a little time around Blacks or Mexicans and you’ll see clearly that you have a very distinctive culture that most Whites share. But we are forbidden from calling it what it is, lest be get labeled “racist.”

    • Dara Nicole Boyd-Galleguillos says:

      I don’t think so. How is that racist? But there really is no such thing as “white’ culture since many European/North African/Middle Eastern cultures are different. Look at Irish culture versus Polish culture, even.
      I understand you, Erin. It wasn’t until I moved to South American that I realized I do have culture, it’s just more mainstream here in America if you’re white. And there isn’t anything wrong with that.

  3. Bryan Clarke says:

    You sound like an uneducated Marxist who denies science and laws of nature. I feel no compassion for traitors and selfish people like you. If you don’t love your own then how is it possible to love others??


  4. Charles Ray says:

    You silly, that doesn’t mean you have no culture!

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