I heard they trademarked Trayvon’s name

Tim Weber
Reno, NV

These words uttered by a co-worker. To me such a statement stems from a desire to divert attention from the matter at hand — that an innocent black child was murdered.

It is this form of racism that is most common and most insidious.

My response was not a politically correct non-response. It was not a gentle nod of the head.

I confronted it directly and stated, “An innocent black child was murdered. The murderer is known and has not even been questioned. Everything else is irrelevant.”

He quietly left my office.

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One Response to "I heard they trademarked Trayvon’s name"
  1. xdiemaker says:

    Did not realize you were there…An innocent black child was murdered….doubt that can be proven by reason  has been alledged. Will you accept a judges/juries  decision ?  We need to teach everyone this is a violent world…it will only change if we accept the consquences of our actions and stop being violent .

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