I am human FIRST. Black second

Jermel Thompson

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  • Jerome Tidewater

    I am black .Give me welfare. Give me a free Obama phone!  Give me free section 8 rent!  I am a walking entitlement! 

    • Darryl

      More whites than blacks receiving section 8 and welfare

    • American_Race


  • tracy

    we teach our girls that they are part of the human race. it continues to baffle me that so many “educated” people consider biracial people only one race. how does one conclude this, i have no idea. this i do know.  my girls will never deny one race for the other. they are are both. t.

  • Racist

    And first in the entitlement line.   And that is discrimination

  • Color-me-JC

    Umm I pick human and maybe angel, color blind angel!

  • xdiemaker

    Just please don’t be an ass third


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