I notice when someone is black


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3 Responses to "I notice when someone is black"
  1. American_Race says:

    I do, too.  It’s a part of that person’s identity.  I also notice that person’s gender, height, hair color and length,  and manner of dress.  These things help me to distinguish that person in a crowd.

  2. Caron says:

    I did not realize untill we were stationed in Japan how fortunate in America we are that we are use to seeing different types of people all over the place.  My husband and I are very tall, I have really bright hair, one of my sons had yellow hair (which gold is good luck over there) when he was toddler.  We kind of stood out to put it mildly.  Parents would stop their children and point us out to their kids then they would stare at us every where we went (we had to travel from Tokyo to Misawa way up North) A lot of people would come up to us and at first I thought they were asking me to use their camera to take a pic of their family then I realized no they wanted to take pictures with them and our family.  My kids still think they are famous from how the Japanese treated them. I pull out a camera to catch a shot of them doing something natrual  and they stop an pose.   But before that I never realized that other countries they are only use to seeing themselves in one way they do not like us get to see themselves and people in many different and unsual ways how fortunate are we to see that on a reagular basis.

  3. Heather O. says:

    I do, too. But I don’t treat that person differently. If we all looked identical, I would never know who was who.

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