I unpack my white privilege daily.

Sarah Walton
Nashville, TN

I descend directly from southern slave-owners and, more recently, racists. My family’s wealth is built on the backs of over a thousand slaves.

It is my karmic duty to be a social-justice & race-relations activist; to call for reparations; to march; to force as many friends & family to look through “Without Sanctuary” as possible; to feel happier inside whenever a black person is hostile or self-protective in my company instead of acting deferential – “yes! yes! BE ANGRY towards me!”, i think; to call for FEDERAL funding of public education; to own my own inevitable bias & prejudice; to speak about the elephant in the room… I struggle with my own intense hatred towards white people and white culture… and i am almost always alone in all of this, even among my most progressive, “enlightened” white friends.

I wish our country could learn from South Africa and begin a process of Truth & Reconciliation… we will be choked and paralyzed by (very appropriate) white guilt until such occurs.

Thank you, Michele.

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One Response to "I unpack my white privilege daily."
  1. Xythor says:

    Congratulations, you are completely brainwashed. You are a liberal superhero, what all white people should strive to be.

    Now take the next step, give all your money to the first black reason you see, offer to sleep with the next black man you see. Give yourself freely over and over again in the manner. Now offer your life to older black person ou can I’d, and sacrifice yourself for your white privilege.

    The fact you haven’t done this already is an insult to black people everywhere.

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