I wanna be light like Mom

Aren Dumars
Ann Arbor, MI
Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan

When I was very young I believed that everyone light, bright or damn near white was better, prettier. I am a brown skinned black woman. My mom is of mixed race (black and white). I used to come home from school and ask her, “Why can’t I be light skinned like you mom”? She would always tell me that my skin was beautiful and she wished she looked like me. But for some reason, I couldn’t see it. All the boys in middle school liked light skinned or white girls. So I wanted to look like them. Crazy.

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  • Sandra

    I wanted to cry when I read this. So many beautiful black women feel disresected by guys.

  • Jess

    sweet story; hope you love your beautiful skin now!

  • Pistons Fan

    Dumars? Are you…..


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