I would have pulled the trigger.

Seattle, WA

I’m a short biracial woman. I would never have followed Trayvon. But if it went down like the jury thinks it went down, if I were confronted by a man in the night, I would not have hesitated to fire. Its hard being tiny and female and not having a car to get around. You must walk through disrespectful sports drunks, and misogynists. Frankly (I don’t know if its my looks or what), middle-aged (not young men) black men are the worst when it comes to street harassment. Now black men get on the radio say “I am an adult man, I shouldn’t have to move through the city feeling fearful and hunted.” And I laugh. No, no one should be made to feel that way. But half the population already suffers that indignity. Welcome to our world! Maybe you can realize what it feels like and stop yelling at me how you want to split my legs wide.

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