I would have pulled the trigger.

Seattle, WA

I’m a short biracial woman. I would never have followed Trayvon. But if it went down like the jury thinks it went down, if I were confronted by a man in the night, I would not have hesitated to fire. Its hard being tiny and female and not having a car to get around. You must walk through disrespectful sports drunks, and misogynists. Frankly (I don’t know if its my looks or what), middle-aged (not young men) black men are the worst when it comes to street harassment. Now black men get on the radio say “I am an adult man, I shouldn’t have to move through the city feeling fearful and hunted.” And I laugh. No, no one should be made to feel that way. But half the population already suffers that indignity. Welcome to our world! Maybe you can realize what it feels like and stop yelling at me how you want to split my legs wide.

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3 Responses to "I would have pulled the trigger."
  1. Guest388 says:

    Alex misses the point that she would’ve been Trayvon in this situation…not George Zimmerman. Althought she understands the need to protect herself, why does Trayvon not have this same right? He was “confronted by a man in the night,” not George.

  2. Persephone Jones says:

    Trayvon Martin was the one confronted by an armed man on Aderall, Zimmerman. Trayvon had the right to stand his ground against an armed civilian that was stalking him. He has a right to be afraid. This will shock you but black people experience fear just like every other human on the planet. We are often the VICTIMS of crime.

  3. Tiesha McCall says:

    Trayvon was the cause of his own death. He sucker punched GZ, knocked him down and beat his head on the pavement. GZ feared for his life and heard TM say he was going to kill him. Not only say but he really tryed to beat him to death. This is not about race because GZ is part Afro-Peruvian. The evidence showed GZ was justified in self-defense and standing his ground. TM was a no good gangster, bully, drug dealer, punk and street fighter. My Black boys face constant threats from teen bullies like him. If Trayvon had just walked away, he would still be alive today. And no, TM was NOT being stalked, he was only followed which is perfectly legal to do. Stalking involves a repeated offense and has a legal definition. So TM is the only one to blame for his own death.

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