Idiot’s victim happened to be black

Janice Seitz
Lakewood, NY
Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation

This was an idiot with an itchy finger. Does the race card always have to be played.

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One Response to "Idiot’s victim happened to be black"
  1. katrina says:

    really? yes, i think it’s fair to call him “idiot with an itchy finger” but if it had been a white person, do you really think Zimmerman would’ve 1.pursued and 2. shot and killed?

    also, race essentially was a card that was dealt in this society. It is an institution that was “created” in this country to marginalize people. it is also a part of one’s social identity (not by choice), therefore a key factor in how one interacts with society and the world at large… even when simply walking down the street… so why are we upset when the “card” is played?

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