Illegal immigrants have too many babies

Portland, OR

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32 Responses to "Illegal immigrants have too many babies"
  1. LJR says:

    We have immigration laws for more than one reason: To keep a failsafe on capacity, to check for criminal background, to screen incoming people for diseases.  By having children, illegal aliens can collect American social services, I think that this is the wrong reason to have children…We must put a stop to the illegal invasion! 

    • Some of all says:

      way too many immigrants having babies and trying to ruin our system financially!!!

      • some of all says:

        Hospitals all over the country are full of illegals demanding care for their newborns and the government we pay for some of this because they become citizens automatically…this is not right!!! Many foreigners plan this and are spitting them out every 8 seconds all over this country….totally scary because they don’t believe in birth control and have no common sense!!!

  2. Cleo says:

    How many is too many to you??  Wow…So this is the only reason they have children?

  3. ee6 says:

    Well, the author of the page did say statements of candor may be included, even if they are deemed to be offensive in another’s eyes…but, wow…

  4. Amanda_a507 says:

    The kids..the American kids get social services not the parents..educate yourself ..and so does every other race here!! That’s not why they have children .. is that why you have children ? They come here to live a better life and to have s family..that involves having children. So they struggle..normal ..they ask for assistance for their LEGAL children who have every right to get that help just as you and I do.

    • LJR says:

      I will never respect the illegal alien pysche..these people have sneaked into our country ahead of their own people ( legal immigrants ), and I don’t agree that their children are Americans because they were born here. If you went to France and had a child, would your child be french, or American? And just to be clear: I’m speaking about all illegal aliens, not just illegals from one country.

      • Orchidfun says:

         most or all of our ancestors have sneaked in to this county

        • LJR says:

          Maybe, but I think because of capacity we’ve reached a point where we’d bettter put a stop to it…..Capacity holds a hard lesson, and we’re heading towards it rapidily!  There is a big difference in the pysche of a legal immigrant and an illegal alien…we have laws now ( for our own good ), they should be upheld!

          • Sjoiner says:

            To be honest for the sake of America we should allow more baby bearing aliens into the country. With the population growing older. And the birth rate being what it is, who is going to pay the taxes for your social security check.

          • JimV says:

            None of them if they aren’t adequately educated. 

        • LJR says:

          My grandparents didn’t sneak into this country!

          • Mk says:

             The problem is, immigration laws are biased against immigration from developing countries (such as Mexico). As we know the “laws” can be used as a racial segregation tool, remember “Jim Crow” laws…

          • LJR says:

            True, but the key word here is ” developing, ” basically our immigration laws should act as a screen….the question is; Is everyone  ( from” developing” countries and ” developed ” countries) really ready to enter into a progressive western society like ours without some kind of preparation?….is it fair to them to let them just walk in?……is it fair to us too?    I hear you though, I think you brought up a  really important point, we have to be careful ( and fair ) on all sides. Thanks for you input Mk.

        • some of all says:

          Absolutely wrong….where have you been…one of the most stupid statements from apparently a stupid person!!!

      • Cleo says:

        Quoting the Fourteenth Ammendment : “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”[3]

        • LJR says:

          The 14th amendment was written to insure that freed American slaves and their children would be citizens…it has served its is now being mis-interpreted…if it isn’t repealed it’s going to drown us….Anyway, we’re speaking about illegal aliens here, not legal immigrants.

          • Cleo says:

            actually you were speaking of their children who fall under the “all persons born” part of the constitution

          • LJR says:

            Then maybe I should have used the word revised instead of repealed. A child born here of illegal parents is no more a citizen of the US then an American child born overseas  is a citizen there…not to revise the 14th amendment is to destroy a fail-safe for overpopulation….everything has a capacity….even America!….Again; I am not speaking of the children born here of legal immigrants.

        • some of all says:

          This law was written a few centuries ago and it was a convenient way for those already here to have legal babies! Now, most of the laws need to be changed, or,
          modified, but the over paid government workers in DC have no interest or ability to save this country from the immigrants that are overwhelming us, and will continue too forever!!!

      • Deruyter1957 says:

        Go to their homeland..illegally…..try to get “welfare” or “financial assistance” and see if your case worker does not turn youin to the authorities. Then goodluck in getting legal help. We as American caseworkers cannot turn in illegals due to existing federallaws….and our elected reps will not change.

        • LJR says:

          I know this. This is travesty to the hilt!!!!  Our Government better wake up. I’ve read the Mexican immigration laws, and they are enforced….for those who aren’t familiar with them….google it

    • Anonymous says:

      so that means that any immagrant who has a baby on american soil, that baby is an american citizen which opens the door to limitless family members who don’t want to embrace our country.

    • joe says:

      then why do they come across the border 9 months pregnant. to have there kid here. then continually pop out more at the cost of us tax payer

    • Seth543 says:

      My parents survived paycheck to paycheck but always made sure that I was provided for and wouldn’t accept help from anyone else because I was their responsibility. People shouldn’t have kids if they can’t provide for them without requireing any kind of finacial help.

  5. Jerome Tidewater says:

    Put the Mexicans back in a u haul and ship them back over the border!

    • nehpets123154 says:

      Are you aware of what this project is trying to accomplish.If not I will attempt to explain, they are trying to bridge the gap of racism not making it worse. Grow up please keep you childish and racist rants in check,be part of the solution not part of the promblem.

  6. Ananymous says:

    or is everyone else not having enough?

  7. NJS says:

    Thanks Michelle Norris.  This is quite an eye opener if time is taken to go through and read the comments.  I hope people take the time to read enough to recognize themselves.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different  races and mixes if that’s what you want to call it & realized long ago that I was raised to be racist to a certain extent and that my prejudice’s were wrong.  Do I still harbor some?? I don’t think so but, I’ll bet that there are some lurking about.  It makes no difference it it’s based on religion of what area in this big wonderful world that we live in that you came form, you have some whether you realize it or not.. The prejudice’s that I see in myself are against some of the ways I was taught as a child in Sunday school, church, at home and yes, some that I acquired in school too.  Too many people have told lies about others and not know it, as they were doing it.  We need to educate our selves and ask more questions before forming an opinion or judging others.

  8. Golds001 says:

    That’s the Pope’s fault.

  9. Daphine says:

    I see you chose to be Anonymous, think …is that because you know you would be ashamed for others to know who you are and how you really feel?

  10. Joanna says:

    “I am going to have another baby, just to p.o. Americans”

    Why are you assuming the worst in people. You make it sound as if
    every illegal immigrant has one goal “get into the country and drop a kid”.


    I agree there are plenty of people that use and abuse the system,
    that have criminal records, etc. These aren’t the majority that live their life
    in an honest way and do whatever they can to provide for their family. These are
    the people that care more about their family values (elders & kids alike) more
    than money or the newest gadget on the market.


    I know of a lot of people that have been living in this country
    for years being illegal; doctors, nurses, engineers, all highly educated professionals.

    For years they have been paying their taxes and working their
    butts off (no not in their field, because of their status) to ensure their
    family is taken care off.

    they are not able to work for an bigger company (no papers) they open their own
    successful businesses and hire people and pay their business taxes.

    cannot claim unemployment benefits when they lose their job; yet they willingly
    contribute to unemployment benefits money pool.

    abide by the law, don’t use any federal services. All the while hoping that one
    day US government will rework the immigration law and allow them to stay where
    their house, children, family & lives are. Not without paying a hefty fee of
    course, and they are OK with that.


    Now, let’s say all illegal immigrants leave the country

    Who is going to work in the field, who is going to take care
    of your children so that you can go to work, who will clean your house, who
    will take the low paying jobs no one else wants?

    Not the “welfare riding” people that have been using and
    abusing the system all the while feeding their habit and or having more kids they
    cannot provide for.

    I wish there was a study showing you the effect of every illegal
    immigrant leaving the country; what would the USA be like. Better or worse off.

    Maybe then you would see it a bit differently.


    Check your family history, go all the way back… I wouldn’t
    be surprised if your family started with an illegal immigrant.


    Something needs to be done, something needs to change. How
    about making sure that all law breaking immigrants are deported (they give the
    rest a bad name, we don’t want them here more than you do). How about giving
    the educated immigrants option to work in their field, so that they can make
    more money, pay more taxes, have the funds to educate their kids.

    How about making sure that everyone on welfare is drug tested
    and closing all of the loop holes allowing people to milk the system.


    As a first generation immigrant, born and raised in Poland,
    now an American citizen.

    I am saying. You have not done your research, you are being
    ignorant and making a general statement that can and will offend a lot of

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