I’m afraid of black men

Pittsburgh, PA

I don’t know why. And I don’t mean just in a dark, desolate alley- where I’d be afraid of any man. I am just more afraid of black men. It makes me feel ashamed of myself.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/phyllis.unterschuetz Phyllis Wilder Unterschuetz

    There’s a cure for that – build lots of authentic friendships with black men. Works like magic to convert fear into trust.

  • 1StUrBaNwArRiOr

    Your first step in defeating this phobia is…was it a fear passed to you from your family or are you a victim that has been programmed to believe this?

  • Michtou

    Negative stereotypes of black men abound in the media. They are portrayed negatively in entertainment shows and lied about in the right-wing “news” sites. So it’s not surprising that you think that black men are particularly threatening. But you have to realize that this is a carefully calculated image fed to you to keep society divided (if people are against each other, they don’t notice the elite is robbing them blind). Don’t let yourself be manipulated. So smile at people and look at them in the eye as you walk by. You’ll find they’ll smile back.


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