I’m only allowed to be white

Carrie Hunsinger,
Wilmington, DE.

I am a 1/2 first generation American. My Mother is American (Detroit) and my father is Dutch (Holland). He’s been here almost 60 years and he still speaks with a heavy Dutch accent and therefore I speak English with a bit of a Dutch accent.
When 9/11 happened I was in college in Newark, NJ. I remember talking about the events in class afterwards and getting yelled at by a Syrian girl during a class because I was talking about my fear of seeing backlash attacks in NJ. From her view I couldn’t know what it was like to be immigrant’s kid in America, because I was white, and could not have immigrant parents. A few days later cops pulled my father over on the highways with a bunch of other people because they were looking for terrorists driving mini-vans and he fit the description since he was tan and had an accent.
I have lost count of how many times I been told that being Dutch and being white is the same thing. That all of the western part of Europe is the same. I’ve been told being of European descent, especially being Dutch, automatically makes both racist and more at fault for slavery then other white people because of the Dutch slaves ships. Also, as I am constantly being mistaken for being German, I have been blamed for the Holocaust as well. I am not allowed to be a Dutch-American, or even a European-American. I don’t normally even see Caucasian listed anymore on forms. I am definitely not allowed to understand immigrant issues or what it’s like to be the first in your family to graduate college, or to have a family that overcame hardships and poverty to find the American Dream. I am not allowed to not be at fault for this country’s past (or Europe’s involvement) even though I learned in school along with all the other immigrants kids. I am part of the problem and at the same time, I’m told there’s nothing I can do help be part of the solution because as a white person, I am the problem.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …first, you should understand that the whole notion of “White” is a Social Political Construct…not a Race. Caucasian doesn’t mean White either. Caucasian refers to one of the basic human / facial and body types.

    …Africans, Indians and Aboriginals are included in that group and they are the “Original” Black people.

    • Josh Gilman says:

      lol…you can explain in anthropological terms, politically correct terms, or whatever but it doesn’t matter. The unwashed masses see: black, white, brown, etc. You can’t fix the problem by putting labels on perceptions.

      • barry irving says:

        …ILOL..you can choose to be simple and ignorant of reality…or maybe the work is too hard for you?

        …you can do that.

        …It’s smarter for humanity to recognize and apply origins of humanity because they are the foundations for today.The clamoring “unwashed” masses as you call them are the recipients of the work and developments of the educated, politically and socially aware citizens who shape society in many ways “including” ( not nearly – merely putting labels on perception ) but actually educating. That’s how the real humanitarians do it. We don’t play to ignorance, we confront it with information that can’t be disputed…at least by them.

        • Josh Gilman says:

          Ok – so I get using data that people can’t dispute. I really do. I use that in my job as a software architect.

          I also know that throughout history there has NEVER been a time where people haven’t divided themselves by one trait or another, whether it’s by class or by differing physical appearances, or whatever. But you could explain ‘facts’ to people while they’re blue in the face, that is not going to amount to a hill of beans to minorities (in any country, by any definition whether they be kurds vs. shia, or light-skinned Africans vs. dark-skinned Africans) because of ‘ingroup advantage’ which has nothing to do with words like “social political construct”. Your words are not healing the pain people may feel in certain situations due to their race. Your labels are not going to stop generations of Indians from classifying others as Pariahs vs. Brahmins. Over time yes, but I guess what struck me is your response doesn’t really do much for the person who posted. Is she supposed to stop and tell ignorant people that her national ethnic origin can include more than whites by saying “but ‘white’ is just a social political construct”. You can say call it what you want, but that large group which is called a majority in the US have similar ancestors with melanin-deficient skin. lol…’social political construct’ is a label….but the melanin-deficient folks (aka WHITES) have formed cultural norms and preferences after fighting each other due to their own political issues with their distinct heritages.

          This person is saying she’s not allowed to be anything but perceived as white because of her skin color. Ingroup advantage, deal with it.

          • barry irving says:

            …um, no…I meant they can’t dispute historical truth. That’s a simple reality. They don’t have to accept it or confirm it for themselves. They have a right to believe and accept what they want…that doesn’t make them right nor does it dispute or negate the truth.

            …Your perspective is Critical / negative. You don’t get it. It’s not about convincing anyone to accept what I know is truth in general. I’m an Educator, its my job to know and teach these things to those who seek education. Bowing to ignorance is not the answer.

            …European Americans are no better at accepting truth. That’s evident by the huge amount of Racial ignorance that is dealt with every day by everybody. You mention minorities specifically…you mean Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Eastern Europeans, African Refugees? I know, you mean all of them except European Americans. People are people, all have personal short comings and European Americans are over 50% of the population.

            …again, I’m not trying to heal peoples pain necessarily although it is possible. I am not “using words or labels” I am acknowledging the standard / official referrals. I went to college…have an advanced Academic
            ( History Based ) Degree. What, do I throw out my education because you say people can’t handle it?
            …Dude, I’ll see for myself thanks!

            …I know that a great deal of misunderstanding sourounds Racial dialogue today. A term like Caucasian is commonly ( today ) meant to mean White…that’s not true, it refers to facial and body type. An Anthropological term yes, but a true one in regards to Human types and their origins.

            …When discussing the history of the World, these terms take on greater significance and even primary significance. There are two sides to every story. You can’t trivialize one side in favor of the other, because it suits your view. I’m stating the truth for those who seek it…period. That can’t be a bad thing, why try to knock it?

            …Exposing a Social Political Construct is greater than your small example. It’s about tearing down archaic societal cannons of thought and significance that create conflict in society. White people ( AKA ) EUROPEAN AMERICANS, most of whom where not even considered White in the early 1900’s gained that “label” to increase the political vote and opinion power of so called White people… meaning anyone who is “Melanin Deficient”…or at least looks that way and claims to be White..ILOL! The Original “White” People were Anglo Saxon Protestant, guess they lowered their standards.

            …European descended Americans are the majority for a reason and you don’t need me to explain that toya. The majority in ANY culture establishes the cultural norms and “preferences” which are a major part of today’s social problems as well as societies successes. America is not special in that respect.

            …What majority culture establishes is doomed to evolution, which is why the issue among so many
            um, Whites is Multi Culturalism…this prime evil to you. Majority culture loses it’s “primary” influence with population growth and social development of immigrant populations. That primary influenced is connected to less assimilation and more definitive and fulfilling cultural expression from the minority cultures rather than from the majority culture.

            … This is what European American have such problems and misunderstandings about. You can’t just demand that people follow majority culture. That can’t be a condition of patriotism in America because the “from Many Cultures > “One” theory of manifest Destiny has been in effect for a long time. It’s not just American…Great Britain claims to be more advanced in that respect than America. In other words, Race mixing and identity issues have been around from the beginning of time.

            America is now and always was a Multi cultural Society…Racist ( Jim Crow ) Law just prevented it from becoming an acknowledged part of the American fabric. That’s what the Civil rights Movement Shot Down…that is when “BLACK” as a primary ethnic reference became part of the American lexicon…in opposition to “WHITE”…as a symbol of pride as well as defiance. Before that movement the reference was negro, before that colored…that was an evolution that is still going on because African American is the preferred ethnic reference…( not label ) of African descended people of American birth.

            …this person is lost and doesn’t realize that no one “allows” you to do anything when it comes to personal reference. That’s your deal…her problem.

            White In Group Advantage? see?…that’s what I’m talking about! you’re not really worth all this but i did say that I’m a humanitarian soooo…ILOL!

          • Hyrum says:

            I know you are seeking to put truth out I think some people will appreciate that. I can tell you’ve done some searching. (by the frequent use of ILOL, google is my best bet)
            Laughing at an issue of understanding is not constructive. Laugh to yourself not your keyboard – please, your an educator.

            Every individual is different in some way regardless of color, shape, size, background. Some people don’t have high standards and values. In her case it seems to be a class issue? I resonate with that response.

          • barry irving says:

            …Hyrum, sometimes you have to play hard ball…sometimes you have to be sarcastic…sometimes spot on. I don’t apologize for how I respond on these threads because the tone is generally sarcastic, indifferent, vacuous, racist, hopeful…I am Fire…I cut…People should understand that this is a concept page that works best with a six word header and then a comment that makes a point or asks a question. What you say invokes a response…which could take any tone…that’s the game.

            …that’s reality that I live with because people won’t let me be different…I manifest Fire in discussions on issues…that’s my personality role. I also have the right and personal duty to be the man that my Father raised me to be. In never lower my standards as compromise. There’s nothing wrong with that –

            … Doesn’t mean that I never bend…I just hold the hard line and my aim is to always have a point that can’t be argued with. In other words, I don’t lean towards the back track. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

            …Controversy is familiar ground for me because I deal with it professionally as an arts Education Advocate …and personally as a mature African American Man. I also raised 3 daughters, two adopted. My oldest is a County Sheriff like her mother who is retired.

            …My kids who are over 40 years of age think that I am opinionated, insensitive and negative…that’s because they are not intellectuals.. so they can’t argue with me. They know that I am in a world and life style that they they are not, they don’t hate me for it. It just makes them more determined to achieve on their own merits. I

            …it’s a little disappointing that I can’t talk on my level with my kids, but they are individuals – I have had that intellectual relationship with my past mates. My kids are regular people who are not involved with art , Education, Issues and such. I don’t find their conversation interesting either. I distanced myself from my Fathers view too…he could speak well, but was nearly illiterate. Obviously, he was not an intellectual either, but as an effective Father, 6 year Navy Veteran who traveled around the world, his points were no less than mine. We hardly ever agreed. He had to have the final word.

  2. Scytale says:

    That’s diversity for you. Sorry you’re different. Donald Trump will send you back to Mexico if you vote Republican.

  3. Scytale says:

    That’s diversity for you. Sorry you’re different. Donald Trump will send you back to Mexico if you vote Republican.

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