I’m always ashamed of being mixed.


Black people have really bad stereotypes that’s why I don’t claim black , but I don’t claim Hispanic either, they have there stereo- types as well.
Constant fights
Gang bangs
A lot of kids
No husband

When people look at me the first thing they see is colored not who I am. That really hurts me to know that racism is still a part of today’s society, the fact is I’m black and Hispanic, so I get it even harder.. wet back nigger a girl that is going to be pregnant before she gets married , those are things I hear on a daily basis. Even though I laugh it off like it’s a joke sometimes I go home and say “I’m not proud of my ethnicity”. Kids are cruel and I live in today’s childhood society, because I am only 16 years of age there is not much I can do about racism without being thrown in jail… racism needs to stop today!!

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  1. SAD says:

    Not everyone feels this way about you — be brave & hang in there! Kids can be cruel but they can also be kind, like you.

    Maybe there are other kids who want to meet up and talk about race relations or get support from one another? I bet you can find a great group — or start one.

    If nothing else, head to your nearest college campus or bookstore and seek out some good role models/books. You know who you are — and I bet you’re already making a big mark on the world!

    (P.S. Yes, stay out of jail — college is a better path 😉

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