“What are you?” I’m a girl…

IMG_2874Amanda Totteana Muniz,
Anderson, IN.

All my life I’ve had to face the question, “What are you?” This always made me uncomfortable, and irritated. Last time I checked I was a human. When I was younger I would try to explain that I was mixed,(black white, native American) but then I got tired of explaining myself and starting to simply tell them “I’m a girl.”

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2 Responses to "“What are you?” I’m a girl…"
  1. Truthseeker says:

    I’m curious why this would make you uncomfortable. People have asked me the same question my whole life (I have an olive complexion, dark eyes and dark hair.), and I always just answered, “I’m Italian.” Are you irritated because the people who ask you seem to be racist, or do you think that people have no right to ask you what your heritage is? I’m not trying to be antagonistic, I am honestly curious.

  2. NanJo Carter says:

    What would cause people to think it appropriate to ask anyone this question? Regardless of how comfortable one is or not. Even though often it is curiosity, seeing if they guessed right, or perhaps they found Amanda Totteana Muniz so beautiful they just wanted to know. But consider how polite is it to ask? and why does it matter? Personally, I don’t like being asked because it is inevitable that people follow with providing me with evidence that I do not look like what I am. Perhaps Truthseeker, you satisfy their curiosity as you look like what you say you are and there is no more to be said. But please know I also mean no offense to you or anyone with my post.

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