I’m Her Mother, Not Her Nanny

Dacia Mitchell
Oakland, CA

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One Response to "I’m Her Mother, Not Her Nanny"
  1. Irish-Eskimo-Filipino-Mama says:

    I know how that one sounds. When I hear it, I want to laugh out loud since it’s so wrong, so ridiculous, and so presumptive. But it also makes me angry for those very same reasons. I’m a Heinz 57, with traits from the maternal side of the family. My daughter is Heinz 57, but inherited the light hair, blue eyes, and fair skin from her dad and my paternal family.

    I am still trying to figure out a way to respond that will let people know how insensitive and thoughtless they were to ask.

    The best thing I can do for my daughter is carry myself with dignity and be proud of the woman I am. The thoughtlessness of that silly question won’t change the way I carry myself. I will model class, dignity, and intelligence so my daughter will learn to carry herself that way too.

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