Don’t speak Spanish, I’m still Hispanic

1000323_10153108963830582_1407934602_nVictor Santana-Melgoza,
El Paso, TX.

For most of my life I have been rejected by many people in the Hispanic/Chican@/Latin@ community for not learning and practicing Spanish (as well as not following other cultural cues). I was raised in a household where English was the main language spoken. I am 4th generation American, raised by two parents with professional careers, and was trained as a classical musician. I represent another chapter in the Latin@ culture. One that is not bound to old traditions. Some call it selling out, some call it assimilation. I call it living beyond the myth of the pan-Latin@ experience.

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7 Responses to "Don’t speak Spanish, I’m still Hispanic"
  1. question says:

    sorry, what? is that you in the picture? you think you have dark brown skin?

  2. Jesse Bet. says:

    I agree with you. I am half white and half Spanish, but I mostly look Spanish. People are always surprised when I tell them I don’t speak a word of Spanish.

  3. Gaby D says:

    I know this story very well, and it stands almost as a disgrace for it to be told and its so…saddening…

  4. olblue9 says:

    Too bad that so many can’t learn both languages with equal enthusiasm!

  5. Anthony says:

    I have fair skin (mind you i don’t tan very well) with blue veins and at average height. I am part Spanish and Italian on my dad’s side of my family. I am part Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, German, and Native American on my mom’s side. My last name is Lopez yet I don’t speak Spanish. In fact I refuse to. Many assume from that stereotype that just because your last name is hispanic that you must speak Spanish. You don’t have to speak Spanish to let people know where your ancestors came from. And even then I just want to be an American. I will not live off of my background just for “equal opportunities”. I will live my life as I earn it. I certainly know that if I were to ever move somewhere else I would have to learn that language along with it’s culture and laws. It’s just common sense that if you want to move to another country with a different language you learn that language and not just expect the rest of the population to just learn yours.

    • TRUEWORDS12 says:

      You like it or not you are of hispanic heritage…look at your Mancha de Platano…

    • TRUEWORDS12 says:

      Learning more than one language is a plus and Spanish is one of them…because you learn Spanish it does not make you less American,…unless you have a low a self esteem.

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