I’m a human before I’m black.

Zarriya Johnson,
Kansas City, MO.

We are humans first. Our race is just something we as humans created to determine how a person should be and act in society. It’s a trend that needs to stop.

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One Response to "I’m a human before I’m black."
  1. barry irving says:

    …that’s quite Wrong Bro. “WE” didn’t create race…Race is really about physiology…not color or Politics. Todays America is not ready for the rather advanced social concept of one human family. How you should be or act in society is about personal development. racial terms like color terms are used ambiguously. People either don’t know or don’t care to distinguish between Race, ( face and body type ) Nationality ( country origin / patriotism / citizenship ) and ethnicity ( tribe / singular or multi ethnic mix )…that’s a problem because two people can be arguing about a color based term or reference and never establish context…hence endless spin / no understanding!

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