I’m not colored I’m an American

big24Ralph Brown (Coach~B :)),
Dallas, TX.

My six words are in response to these six words: “We don’t allow colored in here” which were said to me on March 19, 1963 by a young female movie ticket clerk at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas. I was attempting to see the world premiere of “How The West Was Won” but was rejected because of the color of my skin. I’m from New York, and was in the process of traveling across the country from southern California. It was the first time that institutionalized racism confronted me face-to-face, but sadly enough, it would not be the last!! Two years later, as a member of the USAF, I volunteered to go to Vietnam!

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  • Darius Davis

    I feel like your six words are ones everyone should be able to say whether colored or not.

  • J.Woods

    This is a really relate able text. Your quote was stated 50 years ago and even today in 2013 it’s sadly a relevant quote. Racism hasn’t stopped and even today you have to still say this quote which is sad.

  • Ivan Salazar

    Racism hasn’t changed never will ever.

  • Kiana Jones

    I love this because its a great response to say when someone rudely disregard you because of your skin color and act as if you both weren’t born with the same unalienable rights in the same country.

  • Tajanice Harris

    I really like this. Its like everything in a nutshell. Its really deep and it says a lot of things in a simple way.

  • TreVonte Harris

    I love these six words. They show that as african-american descendant of slaves that we aren’t what we used to be. We are free as the white man and we are American. The color of our skin does not make us different.

  • Tacora williamsbey


  • Alexis Moya

    Racism happens everyday and confronts everyone.

  • Nashya P

    Agree. I’m just like everyone else. Don’t label me a color, I am American.

  • Emily

    I love that we have gotten to the point where we can just say “I am American.”

  • olblue9

    It’s OK coach B, you didn’t miss much. The movie wasn’t that great anyway.

  • Simone.

    Ahhh! Coloured. What does that MEAN?? And isn’t white light a combination of ALL colours?

    • White Light

      It’s the difference between additive and subtractive colors. Mix all subtractive colors and you get Black.


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