I’m not Iranian, I’m Puerto Rican

Portland, OR.

I moved from Puerto Rico to Michigan and people never knew what I was. Some thought I was Black, many thought I was mixed Black/White, and others thought I was Samoan. I recall one day I was at a store and a gentleman asked me if I was from Iran. I smiled and said “no, I am Puerto Rican.” I have never been offended by being called another race or ethnicity but I am proud of being Puerto Rican and I don’t have a problem letting people know where I am from. When I told the gentleman I was from Puerto Rico he said “oh” and walked away. I have had very interesting interactions with people who could not tell that I am Puerto Rican.

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  • Howard Bonds

    I think you might be having a problem here…for you Puerto Rico might be a “race of people” be its actually a nationality…they are trying to determine your race..not your nationality….

    • How do you know did you ask him

      • Howard Bonds

        I don’t have to ask anyone…Its actually written in the statement that the person wrote…learn to read and get a grip on geography. can you handle books??

        • Nadia

          You’re right, most people get race and nationality confused. Many think Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Dominican are races. They are not.

  • Chiquita Biddle

    Why are you offended? Iranians are mixed with African as well as you. Maybe to him because you two groups are mixed with African/Moor/Black the black part of the mix throw him off. Maybe the black part just reminded him of Iranians. Maybe Iranians are his dating choice or people he likes as his friends. A lot of mixed African/Black/Moor people look similar. I’m “black” and people think I’m Latino sometimes, many Asian people tell me that I don’t look like other black people, it’s mostly the Filipinos that say this, I don’t know why. But, you shouldn’t be offended, some Iranian women are nice looking too. Just wait till they till you, you don’t look like the other Ricans, I heard this a lot from Asians telling me I don’t look like other black people. What ever that means.

  • Nadia

    I’m black but due to my family history in New Orleans, my family is Creole. I’n light-skinned, curly hair, and light eyes. Whenever I go to the east coast/New York I get mistaken for Puerto Rican or Dominican. I go to Puerto Rico often and I’m mistaken for an islander. It happens whenever you get a mix…especially when black in in the mix. It’s called the browning of the world.


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