I’m not white; I’m Euro-American

furry-faced-gentleman-2Roderick Gray,
Chico, CA.

I am as much a mixed up mutt as everyone else. When I am referred to as white, my liberal guilt kicks in, and visualize a monolithic evil race. Euro-American includes my diverse ethnic background–my slave owning ancestors as well as the multitude of working poor ancestors for whom existence was a daily struggle until the post war era.

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  • Kate Candy

    I love this! Thank you for pointing out the idiocy of the term African-American in a world where everyone else is country-country like Italian-American instead of continent-country. Let’s standardize the labels. Euro-American works for me.

  • disqus_XX5ZBW2ZYs

    After a DNA test showed that our family is less than half caucasian I am wondering how to identify myself on government forms! To be accurate you know….


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