I’m proud of my state’s diversity

Bridget Ruff
Portland, ME

Everytime I meet someone from another part of the country, they immediately label me as a white hick from a rural state. I live in Portland (yes it’s a city and it doesn’t rain) and go to a school where 26 different languages are spoken by a quarter of the students. I’ve met people who disparage this and cite data from when my parents or grandparents were growing up. But a lot has changed since then.
I often feel pressured to ignore my heritage 364 days a year. I identify as culturally Catholic (I don’t go to church or follow many of the more archaic beliefs), Irish, Sweedish and Swiss-German.

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One Response to "I’m proud of my state’s diversity"
  1. Meredith says:

    Diversity is overrated. Why not see people as people instead of labeling them?

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