I’m told to get over it.

Houston, TX.

It’s hard being a young “smart” black man, especially in the military. If to good at my job it’s because “we helped you out more because we don’t want you to think we where racists” then if I’m not good at my job its. “Well you know black people are lazy…”

Plus we can be like the Hispanic, Phillipinos, or white people and help and mentor each other, because it’s seen as us being bias towards our one race. WTF?

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3 Responses to "I’m told to get over it."
  1. Felicia531 says:

    Always know and value your personal/family history, and the history of your people. Be proud of what you have accomplished, in spite of how others might perceive it. Appreciate the people who have genuinely helped you along the way, either by their actions or inactions. People of Color have a proud history of Military service, especially during the times this country least valued their contributions. Stand on their shoulders, HONOR THEM by continuing to do your personal best. Fair winds and following seas, Sailor.

  2. escabrosa1 . says:

    I’d say don’t let it run your life. There’s always going to be people who make comments about others who they see as successful, and it’s typically because they’re not. You’re obviously making something of yourself and losers find it easier to try and knock you down than pull themselves up. Forget about ’em. BTW, cool pic. Go Spartan!

  3. barry irving says:

    …engage the nonsense and suffer the slight…leave it alone!

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