I’m white, it’s not easier.

Victoria Polera,

Being white doesn’t make my life any easier. I still have a really difficult life without putting my race into perspective. Looking at a person as an individual rather than placing an individual into a social group is mostly important. It’s unbelievably more important to look at the individual separately rather than all together.

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3 Responses to "I’m white, it’s not easier."
  1. Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

    I agree with you in theory. Except that for people of color, we don’t have that choice. We are automatically told and shown that we are the “other”, or that we aren’t “American”. We are put into a box and labeled. Most white people have the privilege of being seen as just an individual in their daily lives. White privilege isn’t about having an easy life, it’s about living in a world that was essentially built to benefit most white people. It was set up to under privilege people of color, and in order for groups of people to be underprivileged, other people are privileged. People of color don’t have a choice of putting their race into perspective. It is put into perspective FOR them for our entire lives.

  2. rensational says:

    You have no clue whether or not being white makes life easier because, as a white person, you don’t come close to fully knowing what blacks, Asians and non-white Hispanics experience. That is part of the problem and part of what “white privilege” means. You get to run around thinking your life is not easier in some ways because of race because you have no real idea what people of color experience.

    Telling us it doesn’t make your life easier when we constantly see ways in which it probably does that you can’t imagine–everything from it being easier to date because more people find whites attractive than any other race to it being easier to get job opportunities–doesn’t exactly endear you to people of color.

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