I’m white, so “diversity” excludes me

M. D.
Rockville, MD

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9 Responses to "I’m white, so “diversity” excludes me"
  1. RoHa says:

    That’s only because you don’t want it to.

  2. lafayetteann says:

    French? German? Irish? English? Welsh? Russian? Hungarian? Icelandic?

  3. Dave Willis says:

    If someone started a movement for a white history month or a congress person tried to form a white caucus that excluded blacks, how quickly do you think they would be sued?

    • QueenieB says:

      What is your argument? Why do you feel excluded? There are caucuses that are all white…White history month? You mean white history year? That’s the only thing that’s taught in our schools. Black history month was placed there because we were not taught about our history. As a child, I was only told that we blacks were slaves who came from Africa, the Dark Continent. That Africa made no contribution to the world hence it’s nickname. Besides, black history month in the schools do not teach much anyway. It’s the same “hero” every year and it’s brief. Black history should be taught at home from our first teachers- our parents. If you want to have a movement, go ahead, and I will be the first to support you.

      • Dave Willis says:

        I don’t feel excluded. My point is just that there’s a double standard. Maybe this will be a better example: black comedians can denigrate white people and everyone’s fine with that but if a white comedian denigrates black people that person will likely be in a lot of trouble.

        • QueenieB says:

          I hear you, but for comedians, however, have you wonder why white comedians don’t try? I have seen white comedians make fun of blacks- Jeff Dunham and his puppet- the black pimp- Sweet Daddy D, Robin Williams and I thought they were funny.

      • KCB says:

        How old are you and where did you grow up? I was taught a lot about black history in Illinois back in the 80s. I was also an art history major, studying cultural art thorough the world. The tribal stories are awesome, but it is not written it is more like fables because it changes so much through time. I think the bigger problem was tribes didn’t have the sort of written history like Europeans, Asians and the Middle East did, so most of written history is European, Asian or middle eastern because that is where most written history is. I don’t think it is done to exclude anyone. I do get offended by being excluded from black culture because I am not black. I would better understand and respect it hearing it from my peers but I find it difficult to have black peers because I get labeled as not black and disregarded as not understanding.

    • Desiree says:

      There actually is a whiteness movement, which explores white privilege and the power of the dominant culture. Try Tim Wise

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