Image portrayed, impression made. It DOES matter.

P. Contreras,
Benicia, CA.

How you choose to dress gives an impression about you. Whether that impression is accurate or not no one will know unless they get to know you. But, they won’t get to know you if your image repels them.

Example. Teenage Boy (black, Hispanic, Asian, white) in your neighborhood in jeans (that fit), t-shirt, and athletic shoes compared to a teenage boy in your neighborhood in saggy jeans (prison style), hoody obscuring most of his face, and athletic shoes.

It’s how you wear the clothes.

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One Response to "Image portrayed, impression made. It DOES matter."
  1. i agree to a point.but i’m a tomboy who loves baseball.i have had people ask me if i’m gay based on how i never wear dresses or make up.i’m not gay though.i am not a girly girl.i’m just me.i might add i don’t hate gay people.but i’m tired of people thinking i’m gay based on my looks alone

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