In my blood, not my face

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To me it’s not about race, it’s about culture. I am 1/4 Japanese, and don’t look the least bit Asian (though my brother does). I grew up in America, but with my mom growing up in Japan, she passed down the culture. I was raised practicing Japanese traditions, eating the foods, watching the movies, learning the language. I feel more Japanese than American in some ways. I used to wish I looked at least a tiny bit Asian so I could have some visual hint of the race I so identified with. I’m also a mixture of other backgrounds including Irish, German and English. My 6 words about race? “In my blood, not my face.” It’s about how we identify ourselves inside, not how we look that identifies us.

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  1. Dracu says:

    Too bad the majority of the population doesn’t actually believe that premise.
    Unfortunately, too many of us make instantaneous assumptions based on what we see on the outside of a stranger…not what is on the inside. My father was the only member of his family who was born in America. He used to be bilingual in both English AND Romanian and thoroughly enjoyed the cultural habits of his parents and older siblings. But, he was quick to point out that he was, first and foremost, an American…and a World War II veteran, as well.
    So, enjoy the diversity of your ethnic heritages. And, pass along what you’ve learned and experienced to someone else, with a similar background.

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