In Rwanda they were all black.

In-RwandaJan Ramer,
Indianapolis, IN.

I lived in Rwanda for 2.5 years, and got a small taste of what it is like to be in the racial minority. The larger lesson for me was that we humans can define “other” in many ways, not simply the color of our skin, and even more importantly, we CAN recover from horrible hate inspired tragedy through forgiveness and unbelievable strength of character.

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  • marget

    Isn’t what happened in Rwanda one of the most awful things ever? Heartbreaking.

    • kevin

      you should read up on what white people did to the congelease.

    • barry irving

      …police brutality and American Social Terrorism were / are awful too!

  • Taylor


  • barry irving

    …I am always skeptical of comments from White People who rely on a false and ambiguous ethnicity, when it concerns African affairs. It seem easy to address African ethnic issues ans strife as evil, but never European or European American social brutality…you make a statement clearly in your heading…you further commentary is implicit, but vague!…you have to be really clear and clean to talk about these things as White? – European people!


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