Interracial marriage isn’t a bad thing.

Ryan Wilcox
Urbandale, IA

My parents moved my sister and I out of Milwaukee in the early 1970’s to avoid the repercussions of desegregation. We were very young at the time so we did not understand the reason for the move. Later on my siblings and I attended an inner city high school, Washington Park High School, in Racine, WI where we had friends of many races. Black, Latino, Asian, and White. It was not until almost a decade ago, eight years, when I dated and later married a black Latina woman. I credit my family, schooling, and friendships with enabling me to not see my wife as black and Latina, but just as a woman. My wife is remarkable.

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One Response to "Interracial marriage isn’t a bad thing."
  1. JMpls says:

    I’m in a relationship with a black woman, and she wants me to see color… White.  Once I see white for what it is, then black and brown and red.  “Don’t See Color” is ignoring the issues that still exist caused by white people.  I need to see color, see the issues, and work to change myself, and my community

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