Is this all on one check?

Mary Henry
Oxford, OH

I am white, my husband is black, our daughter is biracial. If I’m out with just my husband or just my teenaged daughter, wait staff usually ask if our order is on one check, suggesting they don’t realize that we’re related (my daughter is not very dark-skinned, but looks more like my husband’s side of the family) or married (people still don’t expect interracial couples, I guess).

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3 Responses to "Is this all on one check?"
  1. K.E. Broadnax says:

    I just posted my 6 words about an incident that happened to ME in Oxford, OH (I went to school there). Oxford is an interesting place, because you have a yearly influx of mostly white, upper class students who bring their views (often narrow, often conservative) and then there are the residents of the city, some of whom are pretty open-minded, and THEN, everyone is enveloped in this very conservative county. Living in Oxford for 4 years with this wide assortment of political beliefs and views on race, not much suprises me anymore (sadly). Still, I’d be horribly offended to have an experience like yours, and I’m sorry that you go through that so often.

    • Mary C. Henry says:

      Thanks for sharing! Oxford *is* an interesting mix of (mostly white) people. We’ve been here 11 years and haven’t had problems, but my daughter is one of the only non-100%-white kids at her school. My six words were NOT about Oxford, though- this happens to us all over the place- in Cincinnati, etc. When all three of us are together, people seem to get it, though! I’ll watch for your post! Take care.

  2. Mary C. Henry says:

    Ugh! Last night at Macaroni Grill in Springdale (Cincinnati), nobody asked if we wanted one check, but they brought TWO CHECKS for my daughter and me! She’s 13, but looks older than that. I was speechless. Do I have to announce that my daughter is my daughter every time we order a meal? She thinks it’s funny that people could think she’s old enough to buy her own dinner, but I find it all very insulting. Maybe I should start every meal order by telling the server that she is my daughter and we’d like one check.

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