Is White is the new Black?

Craig Wolford
Los Angeles, CA

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5 Responses to "Is White is the new Black?"
  1. American_Race says:

    Is this a statement or a question?  Pick one.

  2. B3theory1 says:

    No and don’t try to make it seem that it is. If whites wind up in the minority, rest assured, they will legislate and purchase a way to make sure they never receive the same treatment blacks did as the minority. Don’t worry, it will never affect you adversely.

  3. Stephenemason says:

    My race is my  religion

  4. Bh30079 says:

    According to the Census White is becoming (and all ready is) the new Black – A Minority. Living in a majority black urban suburb of Atlanta I have personally experienced racism for being white. Just hope that when the scales tip and the black race is in the majority, then so too will white become a ‘protected class’ of people. This was done for the black race when they they were in the minority. Sounds fair that whites should be treated equally as a minority race of people and receive all of the set-asides in business and elsewhere. EEOC for whites. Sure that will hit home as to what being a minority means.

  5. Rita says:

    Not if you are black Craig.

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