Jesse Jackson fears black youths: racism?

Michael Trigoboff
Tigard, OR

Even Jesse Jackson said a few years ago, “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

Young black males commit crime way out of proportion to their numbers. Taking that into account when you’re out in the street is not irrational, it’s street-smart. It’s not profiling, it’s probability.

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9 Responses to "Jesse Jackson fears black youths: racism?"
  1. yes it is and lately i have been watching my back more.because lately where i live a small store got robbed by a black man 3 times in 6 weeks and they have not caught the guy yet.i admit i don’t trust black men much.but it’s because some act creepy,disrespectful and some have grabbed my ass etc.i have never had a white man come up to me and touch my ass.

  2. Jenny Rietta says:

    I am black and a black guy robbed me on a train. Every time I see a suspecting Black guy, I will avoid him. Most of us Blacks need to get it together and stop acting like niggas.

    • Glenn Festog says:

      You can see who I am and a black guy tried to mug my wife while sitting in our vehicle in a downtown Marriot parking lot in Memphis, Tn. Pulling a knife, I chased him over two miles into the projects. I lost him several times, but was quickly redirected by residents sitting outside, multiple times. People living in the projects are just as tired of that crap as the rest of us.

      A good friend (black) of mine had two other blacks try to jack his car in his carport. When he resisted they put three rounds in him. When I went to visit him (during recovery), he told me what happened and ended with “I hate n*****s!

      Pretty much puts it into perspective………

      • Bruce A. Frank says:

        Hope you recommended that he get a concealed firearms permit!

        • Glenn Festog says:

          Just because I didn’t catch him, doesn’t mean he wasn’t identified and caught thereafter; felons can’t get the permit. This was back in ’89.

          Nice sideways anti-gun snark. Strangely enough, every time in my life where a criminal act was purportrated upon myself or family, the damn criminals waited until there was no police present to prevent same. Those of us who are NOT Hollywood Stars with Studio security, or politicians with their armed maniacs have to make do with the 2nd Amendment. I’m equally sure that you ignore the stats that say crime drops in States that have passed concealed carry, or that police in this country have killed more unarmed Americans than terrorists armed with boxcutters and the inability to fly a Cesna………..

    • Casmige says:

      Sorry, it’s your culture & your genetics: you can’t really help it.

      Once you stop the division of isolation & become just UNHYPHENATED Plain-Old “American’s”??

      It’ll all change…but your group has self-identified as not wanting to have anything to do with a civil society.

      ….it’s inbred in your culture & glorified by your “Hero’s” & Musique.

      Once your culture stops pining to be “African-American”?? it’ll start to end.

      Once your culture stops calling “Uncle Toms” out for speaking & acting in a civilised manner?? It’ll start to stop.

      I could go on & on…but your culture is ate up with the indiotic “Victimology” of the left.

      Democrats were the KKK & against Civil rights and the movement for decades…..& that group?? (The Democrats) are STILL Enslaving & Playing your group like a deck of cards & you guys are apparently too ignorant to realise it.

      Can’t be free until you face the truth…..& that is just the 1st. step.

      Call me racists but I come from a Country where we care little about the colour of ones skin & more so about whether or not they speak French and can construct a well thought out argument.

      You American’ts are totally played by the left & the Democrats & you don’t even dare I say CANNOT even realise it.

  3. Michael Carmody says:

    The idea that as a white person I have never been followed in a store is racist. it has happened to myself and friends. Most often depending on how i am dressed.

  4. Stephen Jennings says:

    I date escorts from time to time and noticed in their ads even the black girls state “I don’t date black guys” there’s a reason for this obviously . That’s my 2 cents. Bye

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