Jewish: No longer a race. Right?


My parent’s generation lost relatives in Europe for being part of the “Jewish race.” In America, they dealt with antisemitism and quotas until one day, they were suddenly “white.” Now American Muslims feel the lash of religious discrimination. And yet … even as we think antisemitism is over, someone bombs a synagogue in NJ or shoots Jewish schoolchildren in France. When will we learn to talk to one another and find our common ground?

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9 Responses to "Jewish: No longer a race. Right?"
  1. Colormetony says:

    How about showing the horror of all the slaves that died on there way to slavery. Your people run the studios but refuse to tell our story but making sure we know what happened to the people of the Jewish faith.

  2. Colormetony says:

    I wasn’t trying to be mean just wish the Jewish community would tell our history as well. We don’t know where we come from besides knowing AFRICA.

  3. anonymous says:

    It’s not a race, it’s a religion.

    • Rorn says:

       It can be. a racial, ethnic and/or  religious heritage.  It certainly wasn’t for their faith that Hitler persecuted Jews.  It was the Jewish race.  Nazis even put out propaganda on how to recognize a Jew. Said their facial features resembled rats.  Oh yes, Jewish is a true race, one that survived for thousands of years, much of that time without a homeland to call their own..

      • anonymous says:

        But how do you define race? What makes a Jew so unique that it becomes a race separate and different from any other people? What the nazis did was propaganda. No other people share similar features to those of Jewish faith?

        Aren’t there Russian Jews? Are they not white, eastern European who are of Jewish faith?

        If they had no homeland, are they them the same as gypsiesor nomads? Are gypsies and nomads unique races? What is a “true race”? Are other races not true?

  4. American_Race says:

    Don’t feel so persecuted that you can’t admit that, as do many languages, Yiddish includes a language of separation that is equally capable of persecuting others.  “Gentile” and “goy” are two such words, often used pejoratively, for people who are not Jewish.

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