Judge my soul Not my color.

Black Girls Rock

Black Girls Rock

Gloria Bozor,
West Orange, NJ.
Monmouth University

I attended a dominate white college for my undergrad degree. For four years professors, staff, as well as peers assume I was an anger, bitter, African American because I didn’t have too many friends, I didn’t speak much in class, and I stayed to myself. My grades were great however in a few courses I was the only “black child” and working in groups was a struggle. My group mates thought that I would be lazy and not fully involve in the group project however I was the one emailing, calling, working with the group to set up meeting out side of class, I offered to do work in my dorm room, I would buy food if we stayed up too late, my mother would bring my culture food to the campus from home, and overall I was 100% a team player, always positive, and picking up where another member lack off. At the end of the semester a few students said to me “at first I did not want to work with you but you are a nice person and fun to be around” do I say before you judge me by my skin color look look pass my skin color and see me for the person I am . Thank you.

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