Kids sang about her Jewish nose.

Rebecca Gundzik
Studio City, CA

We left a small town in Central Oregon because my then middle-school age daughter was being subjected to severe incidents of anti-semitism. She was one of about 7-8 Jewish kids in a school of 1000. Swastikas were written on her notebook and papers during class, kids yelled “Heil Hitler!” when a Jewish student approached, and they would loudly point to them and yell “Jew!” The administration refused to take any definitive action (apparently the kids taunting her were “good kids” who weren’t really engaging in anti-semitic behavior). It was a very sad chapter of our lives, from which my daughter (now 16) has not yet fully recovered.

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  • Shleimer Sternberg

    So where does she keep her sheckles?

  • Richard Goldenberg

    Absolutely awful, I hope you and your family will some day be able to recover from such a tragedy. My shekels go to you.


    the nose knows


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