Lets admit our white privilege now

Burien, WA.

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9 Responses to "Lets admit our white privilege now"
  1. Rob says:

    Sorry, white privilege is a myth. Its something people who suffer from white guilt like to say. And the minorities who sit on their butt that collect a welfare check use as an excuses for there situation.
    Stop preaching this garbage and start preaching responsibility for your own actions.

  2. Jacky says:

    Asian American here. I recognize that white privilege might exist in our society today, but I find it problematic to have to have people admit it. In a sense, it’s generalizing a huge group of people and dehumanizes and simplifies a a very complex issue. It’s easy to just say it’s all about white privilege, but I’m not a fan of using this way of thinking nor the language.

  3. olblue9 says:

    I agree that some “whites” have “wealth privilege”, some “blacks” have “wealth privilege”, some of all races have “wealth privilege”. No one race dominates privilege, this is just a social disorder.

  4. Niki says:

    White privilege is about institutional racism and privilege…not individual situations. It’s difficult for people who are struggling in society to admit that there are advantages not only because they can’t see them, but also because you can’t see the disadvantages of the opposite group. I am an African American therapist and professor. I drive a Lexus SUV, wear designer sunglasses and carry designer purses. Yet at least once a week at the grocery store I’m asked for my food stamp card. Each time I go thru the drive up window at the pharmacy I am treated with suspicion and asked for a record of my addresses for the last five years. I know black males without children who drive around with car seats because it makes you less likely to be murdered by the police. I myself have never been pulled over without being made to sit in the vehicle so my car and person can be searched. I have never committed a crime in my life. White privilege cannot be changed as long as we are unwilling to acknowledge that our next door neighbors may be having a completely different societal experience than ourselves. Admitting the possibility is not the same as saying that your own life is wrapped in ease.

  5. Niki says:

    It’s unfortunate that this forum is being utilized as an avenue to vent racism, shock stories and inaccuracies. While any gruesome photo is horrific, the mere fact that your response to a discussion about societal privileges was to imply that blacks in America are going around killing innocent, smiling white women only proves the point. The truth is that 90 percent of African American homicides are against other African Americans. Also, ALL homicides, including those committed by blacks have been in a steep twenty year decline. Maybe instead of watching the ten o’clock news or Fox all day, you should find more informational sources on which to build your view of the world.

  6. Johnny Vineyard says:

    Like being born a man, I didn’t ask for the skin I was born in. If that affords me some sort of invisible privilege (I guess being pulled over because I’m breaking the speed limit and not because I’m white is a privilege), I didn’t ask for it and I don’t perpetuate it. I cannot even adequately admit that it exists because I’ve never seen it manifest. Seems to me that my life was pretty rough and there were times where me being white was a hindrance.

    Like when I lived in an all-black neighborhood and cops frequently stopped my mom because they thought a white person in that area was suspicious (oops, guess she did get pulled for Driving While White). Or when my black friends stopped talking to me at school (but we still played together afterwards) because they were scared of the “acting white” label that was bestowed on black kids who had white friends, made good grades, or tried to succeed in school. My little brother and I were like the neighborhood secret: everyone in the neighborhood was our friend, but only when we were in our own neighborhood and no other black kids could see it.

    Being white has never felt like a privilege to me, and now that I’m grown and my opinions in many conversations are dismissed because I’m the Dreaded White Male, complete with all the stereotypes that comes with, it is even more annoying that I’m supposed to have this mystical White Privilege.

  7. Thoughtful in Florida says:

    Anyone who suffers a crime, no matter the race of the perpetrator, has my sympathy and the perpetrator deserves the legal punishment due. Tossing labels out like “liberal” or “illiterate hillbilly” muddies the conversation. What is the point you want to make about crime and race, Mr. Cooper?

  8. slash345 says:

    Sure I’ll admit it. And i’ll try and get more of it.

    Give me more. I want every advantage I can get in life.

  9. david wyper says:

    The 30 black football players, count them 30, have the privilege of playing football and going to college free at Missouri…..I don’t. Before they “hey, hey ho, ho the press has to go,” they better check the color of the media lately and who will keep their name out there for the NFL….and, again, where I had no privilege, even to get a ticket to a game.

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