Lonely life when black look white

Sandra L. Gross
Inglewood, CA


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6 Responses to "Lonely life when black look white"
  1. pb says:

    Very well said. And so true. I’m in the same boat. Sad that it is this way.

  2. Brandy says:

    This simple statement encompasses my entire life.

  3. Rainey says:

    My 7 month old daughter doesn’t look black at all. She looks completely white like her father. I’m full African American. What can I do to help her navigate through life when she’s older.

    • Ryan Hill says:

      “Full African America” just means you probably already have white in you
      somewhere and don’t know it. African Americans are brown for the most
      part not Black. Black is just a label used to replace “negro” from slave
      days which also is spanish for black…., but if you open a box of
      crayons and have to choose a color that best represents your skin tone,
      i’d bet you’d select brown as a “full African American”. So if you take a
      “full caucasian” and add a “Full African American” you will most likely
      end up with a kid that is technically more “white then brown.” And
      depending on the percentages. Yes, not surprising. But then again shes 7 months old and she’s still growing. Comment again when shes 2 years old. Oh look…which is just about time! yay!

      • Ryan Hill says:

        Well she is mixed/biracial/(multiracial maybe?)/Two or more races. She should know her family history. Where her mother and father come from. Experiences the cultures of both. Don’t pigeonhole her into one category. Let her make up her own mind how she self identifies. Times are changing, There are more mutli-racial kids then ever before.

  4. Ryan Hill says:

    Really i also find it a lonely life when “blacks” call you an oreo because you are biracial. And you don’t really identify with either of the two races your parents are.

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