I look black; never felt it.

meJanetta Stringfellow
Brookline, MA

Tons! Grew up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine in the ’70s with a white mother who denied I was adopted. Found my birth mother when I was 31, who is also white, but at least had a story about a Kenyon grad student she hooked up with on her 18th bday in 1964. Denying I’m black has been the catalyst for most bad decisions in my life. When I was a kid, NOBODY talked about “identity.” And Obama certainly wasn’t president. I used to be the only person with this story — now there are so many. I wish I could have spoken about it sooner.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …White and Black are social constructs…White for implied superiority and goodness by color and Black as a counter to White and an expression to reverse the inbred societal negativity of Black.

    …You are actually African American or mixed Race. That is technically…as a citizen you can be who ever you want, but Black as a color / ethnic reference is fading!

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