You do not look INSERT RACE

filippinofamilyJamie M. Young,
Seattle, WA.
Collected from The Race Card Project, On Location: Seattle Community Colleges

I was born in Subic Bay, Philippines at the former U.S. Naval Base. My father is from Minnesota (of Norwegian/Irish decent), and my mother is from Minuhang, Leyte, Philippines. I am mixed race, but I have fair skin and dark hair. When I attend family events, I physically do not fit in. Individuals try to guess my race, thinking Spanish or Japanese. However, when I tell them that I am half FIlipino and half Caucasian….I receive the response.. “You do not look Filipino” or “You do not look American”. The attached photo is of me as a baby with my mom’s side of the family.

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4 Responses to "You do not look INSERT RACE"
  1. Idamis says:

    My reaction to this race card is that I think is really annoying how people make their conclusions about someone’s race based on physical characteristics. People need to understand that race isn’t something that you determine by appearance.

  2. Kiyannah says:

    My reaction to this is how many people can be rude by making assumptions. People need to ask more questions…but if you do not know them , they need to ask more respectfully

  3. Obasi says:

    It’s not what is on the outside,but where you know where your ancestors came from.Some people these days need to be more open minded and you are right.

  4. Lovelace says:

    My reaction is they need to mind there business. Don’t guess if you don’t know and make someone feel bad. If you know that only matters.

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