I look white but I’m hispanic

Kassandra Lynn Pasquale,
Bonner Springs, KS.

I never really liked how people automatically assume that I’m white just because I always really pale. Just because Hispanics usually have a tan complexity doesn’t mean that you can’t be pale. Whenever I told people I’m actually hispanic they got really surprised and didn’t believe me so they always asked for me to say something in Spanish. They always asked me and I just got to the point where I would say no because I got tired of people not believing me and I always had to prove that I was. Not only was I made fun of because of pale complexity and being hispanic by people in my school, I was made fun of in my family. They would always compare me to my cousins and talk about how i was white compared to them, it made me feel bad because I wasn’t like me. I grew up not liking that I was so pale but to this day I’m not over it what I was told when I was younger because I’m still told this everyday.

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