Looking at me you don’t see

946212_550360748320766_1842177510_nRaquel Saunders,
New York, NY.

My dad is half black and my mom is white, when look at me you only really see the white. But I am a quarter black, and when I say that people look at me like I just gave them a lie. It pisses me off. Don’t judge me on how I look.

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2 Responses to "Looking at me you don’t see"
  1. anonomous says:

    i think this is a very true statement. it means that since you are a certain skin color doesnt mean your of that race that looks like you. it teaches us that race is on the inside more than it is on the outside

  2. Egypt Bracey says:

    Don’t mind nobody. People don’t know what they are talking about and people need to stop judging.

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